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Katie Yoder serves as the associate culture editor at NewsBusters and is a columnist for CatholicVote.org. She is also the Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow for the Media Research Center’s culture division. Follow her on Twitter @k_yoder.


  1. Then excommunicate him. Cuomo, that is.

    Yeah, Cardinal Dolan may miss out of some free dinners, but he could stand to lose a few.

    Pretty sad that lay people have to ask for this kind of thing from their Bishops. If Cuomo had embezzled funds from his parish, Dolan or the Ordinary would have been in the front row at the courthouse for his sentencing. Book that for sure.

  2. Cardinal Dolan needs to grow a spine, and excommunicate Cuomo. The excuses he gives for not doing so do not cut it. In one article I read, Dolan was pretty much just defending himself from name-calling. Tens of millions of Catholics around this country, and indeed, the world, are being mislead and scandalized by his inaction. He needs to stop worrying about these people feeling that they are being ‘bullied by the Church, ’ and start worrying about showing his flock that they are not going to ‘dictate TO the Church.’ He needs to worry about doing his duty to his flock, to the Church, and to God.

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