CV LOOP: Trump: NATO is ‘no longer obsolete’



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NATO // President Trump met with the head of NATO and said the alliance met his demands and is ‘no longer obsolete.’

POLLING // CNBC survey shows strong support for plans to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, cut individual taxes and renegotiate trade deals. But Americans weren’t so fond of Trump’s plans on climate change, immigration, and a replacement plan on Obamacare.

FREE MARKET? // Capitalism is unpopular for four reasons: banks, health care insurance companies, cable providers, and airlines. And these four have something in common: Heavily-regulated industries always hurt the consumer the most.

CULTURE OF DEATH // Virginia Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam is running for governor. And he’s been doing campaign stops inside abortion facilities to tout his stance on abortion. His rival is Tom Perriello, founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. And Perriello has apologized for voting to prohibit Obamacare from paying for abortions. For Virginia Democrats, it’s a race to the bottom.

JUDICIARY // There are more than a hundred open federal court seats — 48 of which are considered judicial emergencies. But so far, President Trump has only nominated one judge for the federal courts, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley noted.  

LGBT // Fighting back! A new bill in the North Carolina Legislature would require the big college teams of NC State and UNC to exit the ACC if the state is boycotted again by the athletic conference.

DIPLOMACY // Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with his Russian counterpart and said that U.S.-Russia relations are at a low point.

CATHOLIC // Liberal and pro-gay Father James Martin has been appointed by Pope Francis to Vatican department for communications.

CATHOLIC // Madison’s Bishop Morlino calls for all to receive Communion on the tongue.

SAINT // Saint Martin –

DAILY MASS // “Our blessing-cup is a communion with the Blood of Christ.” (Ps 116:12) –


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