CV LOOP: Major insurer to leave Obamacare market in 2018



HEALTH CARE // While Republicans continue to grapple with plans to repeal and replace Obamacare and stabilize health insurance rates, Humana is the first major insurer to say it is dropping out of the individual market for 2018.

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // President Donald Trump must sign an executive order with broad protections for religious freedom, or global consequences could soon follow, Catholic leaders insist.

WHITE HOUSE // John Podhoretz is no fan of Donald Trump — and he didn’t like Mike Flynn as National Security Advisor, but he says we should all fear the leaks that felled Mike Flynn.

JUDICIARY // Trump could fill more judicial vacancies than any first-term president in decades. There are about twice the number of vacancies on the federal bench as there were when Obama took office — “roughly an eighth of the judiciary.”

WEDNESDAY WORD // Omnibus spending bill – A type of bill that packages many of the smaller regular appropriations bills into one larger single bill that could be passed with only one vote in each house.

CABINET // In a rare bipartisan display, Senate confirmed Linda McMahon as head of the Small Business Administration 81-19.

WHITE HOUSE // Gallup poll finds clear majorities of Americans see Trump as strong leader who keeps promises.

CULTURE // Networks are reportedly seeking TV shows which will appeal to Trump voters. (This article is from the liberal website Salon so there is some bias, but we thought you might be interested nonetheless.) 

CATHOLIC // There’s unrest at the Vatican. And the attempts at reassurance have backfired. 

CATHOLIC // The Vatican’s legal chief says desire to change is enough for Communion.

SAINT // Saint Claude de la Colombière –

DAILY MASS // “To you, Lord, I will offer a sacrifice of praise.” (Ps 116:17) –

AMAZING // The Today Show profiled a Catholic mother of 5 from Michigan who had advanced colon cancer and successfully fought it with cells from her own immune system. VIDEO:

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