CV LOOP: House panel releases report on Planned Parenthood



PP SCANDAL// Abuses and possibly criminal violations are occurring in the fetal tissue trade between abortion clinics and tissue harvesters, concluded the special House panel investigating the matter in a 471-page report.

OBAMACARE // The House GOP wants to get an ObamaCare repeal bill on President-elect Trump’s desk by Feb. 20. Vice President-elect Mike Pence says the incoming Trump administration plans to move forward with executive actions to start unwinding ObamaCare on day one.

115TH CONGRESS // The number of Catholics in the U.S. Congress has been steadily rising for the past 50 years with Catholics making up 31.4 percent of Congress — up from 19% in 1961.

TRUMPISM // A 30-year-old conservative wunderkind from Harvard is out to intellectualize Trumpism with a new academic journal called American Affairs

OBAMACARE // Some commentators on the left are putting a spin on the abortion decline. Michael New sets them straight at the CV Blog.

CULTURE // “I still dream in Latin,” said Hollywood actor and former seminarian Dakin Matthews.

CATHOLIC // An old anti-Catholic law has resurfaced in Georgia to challenge a scholarship program allowing children to attend religious schools.

WORD OF THE DAY // Filibuster – A procedure where a Senator (or a group of Senators) attempts to talk a bill to death (or even threatens to do so). To end a filibuster on legislation or a Supreme Court nomination requires a 3/5th majority or 60 Senators. A simple majority is needed to pass budgets, Cabinet posts, and other federal judiciary positions. 

SAINT // Saint John Neumann –

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WITNESS // What Father Mulcahy of M*A*S*H* taught us about the priesthood.

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