CV LOOP: GOP health care bill clears 2nd committee



HEALTH CARE // The House Republican health care bill was approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee — the second committee to approve the plan. Democrats tried to stall the procedures with more than a dozen amendments during the 27-hour hearing.

HEALTH CARE // Conservatives in the House and Senate who have concerns about the health care bill say they prefer to negotiate with President Trump rather than Speaker Ryan.

HEALTH CARE // The battle over replacing Obamacare is Donald Trump’s first test. Nonpartisan political analyst Amy Walter said that despite the negative reaction to the bill by conservatives, Trump has a good chance at getting the GOP to rally around him. “At regular intervals I would write that THIS was the moment/issue/event that will split the party from their unconventional frontrunner/nominee. Yet, neither his ideological inconsistency nor his unorthodox (and unbecoming) behavior was enough to keep GOP voters from flocking back to Trump,” she said.

SUPREME COURT // Neil Gorsuch gets the highest possible rating from the American Bar Association. “After an exhaustive evaluation process, the Committee has determined by unanimous vote that Judge Gorsuch is ‘Well Qualified’ for the position of Associate Justice of the Supreme Court,” the group declared.

SUPREME COURT // Neil Gorsuch’s Harvard Law classmates disagreed on who they voted for in November, but there’s one thing in which they agree: “Why we support Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court”

FRIDAY FUNNY // “I live in constant fear that Trump will deport my latina mother-in-law who lives at 1837 3rd st, LA 90023 blue house. she gets off work at 6.” @AntonRubaclini

POLARIZATION // Purple America has all but disappeared. 61% of voters live in areas where Clinton or Trump won by at least 20 points.

BANKS // President Trump promises community bank chiefs he’ll deliver regulatory changes that will make it easier for them to lend money.

TRUMP // The National Catholic Register examines how President Trump’s address to the nation intersects with Catholic Social Teaching.

CATHOLIC // Several bishops across the country have granted a dispensation allowing Catholics to eat meat next Friday in observance of the feast of Saint Patrick.

SAINT // Saint Dominic Savio –

DAILY MASS // “If you, O Lord, mark iniquities, who can stand?” (Ps 130:3) –

LENT //  How a Catholic won a wager and invented the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.

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