CV LOOP: Alabama governor resigns



SUPREME COURT // As Gorsuch was sworn in by Justice Kennedy, President Trump heaped tons of praise on Justice Kennedy, seemingly trying to coax the Justice into retirement.

AIRLINE // A video surfaced of security forcibly removing a passenger on an United Airlines overbooked flight. But it wasn’t just a massive public relations disaster for United — they also flunked basic economics 101.

EDUCATION // Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey has signed into law a major expansion of his state’s school choice program, transforming it into a near-universal option for students across the state.

SCANDAL // Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley resigned and pled guilty to two misdemeanor crimes stemming from a sex scandal. Lt. Gov. Kay Ivey took the oath of office and became Governor of Alabama last night.

IMMIGRATION // Legislators in 33 states have introduced measures to limit or prevent cities from acting as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants.

SPEECH // When the left cannot convince their fellow citizens, they seek to silence them instead.

CATHOLIC // “A Church that cannot reach the working class is a church that is not fulfilling a key part of its mission. It’s also a Church that’s missing a crucial part of the body,” writes Peter Wolfgang in “Why the Church lost the white working class.”

CULTURE // Speaking of the white working class, J.D. Vance’s best selling book, ‘Hillbilly Elegy: A memoir of a Family and a Culture in Crisis,’ is being adapted into a movie by Ron Howard

CATHOLIC // National Public Radio does a story on an ‘intentional’ community of strong Catholic believers in Hyattsville, Maryland.

CATHOLIC // Why married priests won’t really fix the shortage.

SAINT // Saint Stanislaus –

DAILY MASS // “I will sing of your salvation.” (Ps 71:15) –

WITNESS // Coptic Christians boldly reciting the Nicene Creed in Arabic after a cathedral bombing. VIDEO:

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