Stephen Kokx

February 12, 2013

Here’s an easy one: give up McDonald’s for Lent

Instead of indulging on everything I plan to abstain from over the next 40 days, I’ll be spending the rest of today praying for the Holy
February 8, 2013

Is Marco Rubio the Republican’s savior?

Senator Marco Rubio has the potential to do a lot of good for the Republican Party. He’s young, well spoken, can appeal to voting blocs the
February 8, 2013

Conspiracy theories, pop culture and Matthew 7:16

If you watched Beyonce’s raunchy, half-naked performance at the Super Bowl, chances are you saw her hold up her hands in the shape of a diamond.
February 1, 2013

Yet another reason why we must fight for the unborn

Abortion does not save lives. It ends them. 55 million over the past 40 years to be precise. But that irrefutable fact didn’t stop MSNBC host
January 23, 2013

The New York Times finally realizes Pope Paul VI was right about contraceptives

Shockingly, a similar line of thinking was expressed by Alex Williams, a reporter for the New York Times, in a column published on January 13th titled “The End of
January 20, 2013

Lance Armstrong and the power of forgiveness

When it became apparent Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, Fox News commentator Brit Hume suggested he seek forgiveness from Jesus Christ. Woods, a Buddhist, opted
January 19, 2013

Governor Cuomo’s anti-Catholic agenda

At this point it’s impossible to tell if he’ll win, but like his father Mario (the Governor of New York from 1983 to 1994) he identifies
January 14, 2013

Getting rid of priestly celibacy will not fix Catholic education

According to Patrick McCloskey and Joseph Claude Harris, Catholic education isn’t what it used to be. In fact, it’s experiencing a crisis The reason? Priestly celibacy.
January 8, 2013

Bishop Tobin urges Rhode Island lawmakers to resist redefining marriage

When President Obama expressed his support for same-sex marriage, Bishop Tobin said that it was a “sad day in American history.” When former Rhode Island Representative