Stephen Kokx

March 9, 2013

Shocking! Bill Clinton changes views on marriage

Former President Bill Clinton has joined President Obama – a man whose 2008 presidential campaign Clinton once referred to as a “fairy tale” – in advocating
March 8, 2013

An open letter to the College of Cardinals: What I want in a church

There’s been several polls released over the past couple of weeks (see here and here) that indicate a growing chasm between lay Catholics and church leadership. Many pundits interpret this to mean
March 1, 2013

So You Want to be Pope? Here’s How

The Chair of St. Peter is empty. And the period of sede vacante has begun. Now we wait for the College of Cardinals to select the
February 28, 2013

Is Pope Benedict’s resignation a catastrophe?

In a visit to the Rome-based Community of Saint’Egidio home for the elderly in 2012, Pope Benedict told residents that senior citizens “are an asset to
February 27, 2013

The next pope needs to pay attention to the developing world

As we head into the papal conclave it’s important to remember that the church’s primary mission is the salvation of souls, and that whoever the next
February 27, 2013

Government can help with but cannot win the war on poverty

“If men were angels,” James Madison once wrote, “no government would be necessary.” Though published more than two centuries ago, Madison’s words have been proven true
February 22, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI: The Green Pope

Protecting the environment has been a consistent theme of Pope Benedict’s papacy. In my view, the Pope brought a much needed, clear-thinking perspective to a debate dominated
February 20, 2013

Place your bets

Who will be the next pope is anyone’s guess. There are, however, a handful of names that keep coming up in conversation. Here’s Fr. Barron on
February 18, 2013

President Obama must do more to encourage responsible fatherhood

It lasted no more than fifteen seconds in a speech that ran just over an hour, but it was a moment social conservatives will not soon