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June 14, 2021

NYTimes Claims Vatican Insiders Oppose Denying Communion Over Abortion

CV NEWS FEED // Vatican allies and conservative U.S. bishops are at loggerheads over the question of pro-abortion Catholic politicians presenting themselves for Communion, the New
June 14, 2021

5 Questions with Sohrab Ahmari

CV NEWS FEED // Sohrab Ahmari is an Iranian-American writer and convert to Roman Catholicism. He serves as op-ed editor of the New York Post, and
June 11, 2021

Manchin to Back Hyde Amendment ‘In Every Way Possible’

CV NEWS FEED // Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WV, has vowed to fight hard for the Hyde Amendment, a rule which prohibits taxpayer funding of abortions.  “I’m
June 11, 2021

Texas Supreme Court: Churches Can Speak Freely

CV NEWS FEED // The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that churches must be allowed to speak freely about their faith and their mission.  A deacon
June 11, 2021

Will Blue South Texas Go GOP?

CV NEWS FEED // Republicans in Texas are increasingly optimistic about flipping heavily Hispanic border counties in South Texas to the GOP column.  GOP leaders have
June 10, 2021

Big Investors Driving Up Prices for Ordinary Americans

CV NEWS FEED // Big investing firms are buying up houses, sometimes in large numbers, many of which remain available only for rent, according to a
June 9, 2021

Trump Did Not Order Protesters Driven From Park in 2020, Report Finds

CV NEWS FEED // An Interior Department Inspector General report this week debunked a longstanding claim that police forces cleared protesters to make way for President
June 9, 2021

Biden Admin Refers to Mothers as ‘Birthing People’ in Budget

CV NEWS FEED // President Joe Biden referred to mothers as “birthing people” in his $6 trillion budget proposal this week. The Biden administration appears to
June 9, 2021

5 Questions with Peter Wolfgang

CV NEWS FEED // Peter Wolfgang is President of the Family Institute of Connecticut, and a longtime friend to CatholicVote. In many ways he’s also an