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May 4, 2021

Trump Slams Biden, Media in Pro-Life Speech

CV NEWS FEED // Former President Trump confronted President Biden over his “radical” policy agenda, singling out the Biden administration’s abortion advocacy in a speech for
May 4, 2021

Biden Admin Plans to Attack States Resisting Trans Agenda

CV NEWS FEED // The Biden administration is planning to crack down on elected officials who attempt to legislate against the aims of the LGBT movement
May 4, 2021

Arkansas Bans Critical Race Theory from State Agencies

CV NEWS FEED // A new bill banning critical race theory from state agencies became law Tuesday after Gov. Asa Hutchinson, R-AR, objected to but did
May 3, 2021

Biden Does 180, Raises Refugee Admittance Cap to 62,500

CV NEWS FEED // The Biden administration announced that it will raise the cap on refugees admitted to the U.S. to 62,500, scuttling the Trump administration’s
May 3, 2021

Texas Families Crush ‘Critical Race Theory’ in Local Elections

CV NEWS FEED // Voters in Southlake, TX, revolted against a plan to implement critical race theory in local school curricula, winning several seats with as
May 2, 2021

Pray with CatholicVote

Starting this month, CatholicVote is posting prayer intentions.  We also pledge as a team to pray along with you!  The Church’s prayer intention for the month
April 30, 2021

Critics: ‘American Families Plan’ Would Actually Undermine the Family

CV NEWS FEED // Pro-family advocates are warning that the Biden administration’s “American Families Plan” is set to disincentivize marriage and childrearing while allowing government systems
April 30, 2021

Will This Bellwether Swing County Turn on Biden?

CV NEWS FEED // A recent media profile of a Pennsylvania swing county suggests voters are ambivalent about the Biden administration’s record after 100 days. The
April 30, 2021

Florida Passes Bill Forbidding Big Tech to Deplatform Politicians

CV NEWS FEED // The Florida Legislature passed a bill this week that would forbid social media companies like Facebook or Twitter to ban elected officials