Michael J. New

August 28, 2013

How Surveys Overstate Support for Same Sex Marriage

Last week University of Texas Sociology Professor Mark Regnerus had an interesting essay on National Review Online about public opinion on the issue of same-sex marriage.
August 21, 2013

Remembering Nellie Gray

Of course, the March for Life is Nellie Gray’s main legacy.  Some pro-lifers take the March for granted. However, the March for Life is both unique
August 13, 2013

Yes — Roman Catholics are Pro-Life

Earlier this month, Quinnipac University released the results of a survey on attitudes toward abortion. It found that 37 percent of Americans think that abortion should
August 2, 2013

20-Week Abortion Bans Enjoy Broad Support

Legislation that would ban abortion after 20 weeks of gestation has become a top priority for pro-lifers in 2013. In the past few years,  at least 10
July 23, 2013

Guttmacher Study Shows Reductions in Teen Sexual Activity

Recently, a pair of researchers affiliated with the Guttmacher Institute published a study in the public health journal Pediatrics. (The article is behind a paywall.) The
July 9, 2013

Media Ignores What is Likely Driving Minnesota’s Abortion Decline

Last week, the Associated Press reported that the number of abortions performed in Minnesota declined by about 3 percent in 2012. The reaction was pretty predictable.
May 14, 2013

Lessons Learned from the Gosnell Trial

Pro-lifers waited with bated breath on Monday for the Philadelphia jury to issue its verdict on the trial of late term abortion provider Kermit Gosnell.  In
May 8, 2013

Recent Polls Show Gains in Pro-Life Sentiment

Last month, two polls were released which showed gains in public support for the pro-life position. In early April, Rasmussen released a poll which indicates that
April 17, 2013

Media Blackout On Abortion Misconduct Continues

During the past week, a number of conservative pundits have bemoaned the lack of media coverage of the trial of notorious abortionist Kermit Gosnell in Philadephia.