Meghan Barylak

November 24, 2014

Bill Murray Chats about Catholicism – No One Will Ever Believe You

In spite of over four decades of a career astounding in the consistency of its success, Murray  still exudes middle-class, Midwestern charm.  A middle child of
October 29, 2014

Who’s Afraid of All Hallows’ Eve?

On the Word on Fire Blog, Fr. Steve Grunow presents an articulate and historically fascinating defense of Halloween.  It is true we have a complicated history
September 29, 2014

They Support a Woman’s Right to Choose – Unless She Chooses to Have More Than Two Children

The feeling I get from such questions is that the commentators must view parenthood as though it is like ordering food at a restaurant: “One boy
August 6, 2014

Snakeoil Salesmanship: The Dangerous Politicization of Birth Control

While chaperoning for an exchange program in Europe this summer and collecting specimens for my erratically accumulated German vocabulary, I learned that the German word for