Kate O'Hare

November 16, 2015

Greg Gutfeld on ISIS Terror in Paris: ‘It’s Not a Wakeup Call if You Go Back to Bed’

Time to wake up and get ready.
November 12, 2015

Bishop Barron Tackles the Myth of Science vs. the Church

The new L.A. bishop takes on the New Atheism and the false dichotomy of faith and science.
November 12, 2015

‘Gosnell’ Producers Warn Ireland About the Reality of Abortion

Being honest and open about abortion means showing what killing the unborn really looks like.
November 7, 2015

Roma Downey Wants Us All to Remember the Lonely at Christmastime

From the email inbox, a message from Irish actress/producer Roma Downey: Hello: I found this online and I was moved by it. I think it’s good
November 4, 2015

Benjamin Watson, Coach Joe Kennedy, Satan & the War on Prayer

Tight end Benjamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints is a standout on the football field. He recently delighted Saints fans and fantasy-football owners by finishing
November 2, 2015

All Souls: A Personal Prayer for Departed Artists

Yesterday, Nov. 1, actor and United States Senator Fred Thompson passed away from lymphoma at the age of 73. I had the inestimable pleasure of sitting next
October 23, 2015

Chaldean Bishop on Islamist Threat That Says: ‘We’ll fight the West with the wombs of our women’

If all the Christians are driven from Iraq — one of the Faith’s most ancient homes — then the church bells will fall silent forever on
October 14, 2015

David Daleiden: The Man Who May Take Down an Abortion Empire

Coverage of issues surrounding abortion in the mainstream media is seldom dispassionate or objective. Reporters are people, and it’s the rare person who can keep his
October 10, 2015

Fox News’ Kirsten Powers: Welcome Home to the Catholic Church!

Yesterday, Friday, Oct. 9, following an announcement on Fox News’ afternoon panel show “The Five,” FNC sent out a tweet about FNC contributor and author Kirsten Powers, a self-described