Kate O'Hare

May 29, 2016

Raymond Arroyo on How Mother Angelica’s Last Battle Was Her Greatest

If we listen to American pop culture, we’d think that women over 40 should never leave the house unless they’re going for Botox injections. Over 50, and they’d
May 14, 2016

The Worship of Nature and the Denial of Reality

Two things I read in the last week or so stick in my brain, especially in light of our society’s current scorched-earth wars against biology and
April 23, 2016

The Power of Video: The USCCB on Religious Liberty, and Michael Voris

It could be better. It could be less talky, more dramatic — and shorter. But it’s a start. At nearly 10 minutes long, this mini-documentary, “The
March 25, 2016

Mercy for the Media

This will not be a popular thing to say — and it’s not an easy thing to say — but we need to have mercy for
March 13, 2016

God in the Garden

Let me say up front that I harbor serious doubts that there is a single contemplative bone in my body. This is not to say that
February 20, 2016

Life From Death: How the Scalia Funeral Mass Became a Triumph of Evangelization

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia on Feb. 13 at the age of 79 was a loss on many levels. As a fearless advocate for the
February 6, 2016

Togetherness … Catholic Style

You might wonder, what do wine and nibbles have to do with being Catholic? Bear with me … I live in Los Angeles, one of the
January 15, 2016

God in the Box: Faith on TV in 2016

Something interesting is happening in the world of television. There’s still plenty of mortal sin and silliness going on, but God is starting to pop up in