Joshua Mercer

August 16, 2016

CV LOOP: Insurance company is ditching 70% of its Obamacare business

HEALTH CARE // Aetna, one of the country’s largest health insurers, is ditching 70% of its Obamacare business. http://cvote.it/2blL6yU FLOOD // Join us in praying for the people of Louisiana,
August 15, 2016

CV LOOP: Judge forces Ohio to pay money to Planned Parenthood

LIFE // Judicial activism strikes again: A federal judge blocked an Ohio state law cutting off funding to Planned Parenthood because it would cause “irreparable injury.” The state’s
August 12, 2016

CV LOOP: GOP leader says Senate majority in jeopardy

2016 // Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says the GOP’s chances of keeping the Senate after the election are “very dicey.” McConnell did not claim that Trump would
August 11, 2016

CV LOOP: Wow. Hillary claims she’s a “fighter” for religious freedom

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // In an op-ed in a Utah Mormon newspaper, Hillary Clinton claimed: “I’ve been fighting to defend religious freedom for years.” CatholicVote President Brian Burch called
August 10, 2016

CV LOOP: Gays target football team from religious university

SPORTS //The LGBT bullying continues. A coalition of 25 LGBT and liberal groups sent a letter to the Big 12 urging it to shun Brigham Young university
August 9, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump outlines economic agenda in Detroit

2016 // At a major economic speech to the Detroit Economic Club, Donald Trump called the recently bankrupt City of Detroit a “living, breathing example” of Clinton’s economic plans.
August 8, 2016

CV LOOP: Court finds that IRS might still be targeting conservatives

CORRUPTION // A federal court ruled Friday that the Internal Revenue Service has not yet demonstrated that officials have stopped targeting Tea Party groups. http://cvote.it/2b0v1ls EDUCATION // One of the few
August 5, 2016

CV LOOP: Religious liberty wins in Louisiana

2016 // Free college plan could destroy Catholic colleges. http://cvote.it/2axGmEV RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // A state appeals court in Louisiana reaffirmed that Catholic priests cannot be forced by law to violate
August 4, 2016

CV LOOP: Fox News poll has Hillary up 10 over Trump

2016 // A new Fox News poll has Hillary Clinton opening up a 10-point lead over Trump, 49-39. Of those polled, 77% had heard of the controversy