Joshua Mercer

September 12, 2016

CV LOOP: Hillary faints leaving 9/11 ceremony early

2016 // Video shows Hillary Clinton collapsing after leaving 9/11 ceremony early. Her campaign first called it “overheating” then acknowledged it was pneumonia. Even the Washington Post now
September 9, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump launches national voucher plan

2016 // Trump unveiled a new $20 billion voucher plan for 11 million children from poor families to choose which school they will attend. http://cvote.it/2c9RudZ CATHOLIC // Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI admitted that governing
September 8, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump and Pence to speak at values summit

2016 // Trump and Pence to speak at Values Voters Summit. http://cvote.it/2c6t9pq IMMIGRATION // Trump says he’s open to legal status for illegal immigrants who serve in the military. http://cvote.it/2c6s7cQ MEDIA // Journalists claim they
September 7, 2016

CV LOOP: Obama wants to force states to fund Planned Parenthood

ABORTION // President Barack Obama has proposed a new rule that would essentially prohibit states from defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion business. http://cvote.it/2ceYKIS 2016 // After weeks of trailing Hillary
September 6, 2016

CV LOOP: Pro-family activist Phyllis Schlafly dies at 92

CONSERVATIVE // Phyllis Schlafly has died at the age of 92. She shocked the political establishment in the 1970s by leading traditional-religious women in the movement against the
September 2, 2016

CV LOOP: Pope calls care for creation a work of mercy

CATHOLIC // On the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, Pope Francis added the care of creation to the traditional sets of both the corporal and
September 1, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump diplomatic in Mexico, spirited in Arizona

2016 // Donald Trump’s gamble to fly down to Mexico paid off. Trump and Nieto were very diplomatic towards each other. And after the meeting, they stood before the press “like
August 31, 2016

CV LOOP: Trump announces trip to meet Mexico’s president

2016 // Another sign that Donald Trump is taking the presidential campaign very seriously: Donald Trump announced that he’s flying to Mexico to have talks with President Peña Nieto. http://cvote.it/2bARYaD IMMIGRATION // Trump
August 30, 2016

CV LOOP: More Clinton emails show pay-for-play at State Dept

CORRUPTION // New emails from Hillary Clinton’s private server suggest wealthy donors to the Clinton Foundation enjoyed special invitations to diplomatic events hosted by the State Department. http://cvote.it/2bxnjhN RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // Dissent