Joshua Mercer

February 5, 2018

LOOP: German cardinal OKs blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples

GERMAN CHURCH GOES ROGUE?  Blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples? Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, opened the door to such a practice. He told
February 2, 2018

LOOP: Economy will grow at 5.4%, says Atlanta Fed

ECONOMY READY TO ROCK?  Wow: The Atlanta Fed said the U.S. economy will grow at 5.4% in the first quarter of 2018. If that forecast holds,
February 1, 2018

LOOP: Trump’s approval rating jumps in new poll

TRUMP POLL BUMP  A new Monmouth University poll saw President Trump’s approval rating jump 10 percentage points (from 32% to 42%) over the last month. And
January 31, 2018

LOOP: Trump speech focuses on economy and immigration

INVESTIGATING THE FBI  An internal Justice Department investigation is examining why then Deputy Director Andrew McCabe apparently waited three weeks before acting on Hillary Clinton emails. http://cvote.it/2E3pjxh 
January 30, 2018

LOOP: Senate Democrats block pro-life bill

ABORTIONS AT 20 WEEKS  Using the filibuster, the Senate Democratic minority blocked a vote on legislation to ban abortions after 20 weeks. President Trump said: “It
January 29, 2018

LOOP: Senate to vote on 20-week abortion ban

ABORTIONS AT 20 WEEKS  The Senate is set to vote today on a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. While it’s unlikely to pass, Senate Republicans
January 26, 2018

LOOP: Newspaper: Trump had planned on firing Mueller in June

RUSSIA REPORT  The New York Times is reporting that President Trump had ordered the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller this past June, but then backed off. 
January 25, 2018

LOOP: Brownback confirmed for religious freedom post

RUSSIA REPORT   President Trump tells reporters he’s looking forward to talking with special counsel Robert Mueller. http://cvote.it/2DIkfOA DEATH MERCHANT  Cecile Richards is reportedly stepping down as CEO of abortion
January 24, 2018

LOOP: Trump says: ‘No wall, no DACA’

IMMIGRATION  As soon as the government was opened back up, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer pulled his offer to support a wall on the southern border. President