Joshua Mercer

July 11, 2018

LOOP: Democrats focus on Obamacare for Supreme Court fight

  WEDNESDAY, JULY 11 KAVANAUGH AND OBAMACARE  Senate Democrats plan to make the fight over the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh over the future of Obamacare, instead
July 10, 2018

LOOP: Trump nominates Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

  TUESDAY, JULY 10 IT’S KAVANAUGH  President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh said that a judge “must
July 9, 2018

LOOP: Trump to announce Supreme Court pick tonight

  MONDAY, JULY 9 SUPREME DECISION  President Trump will announce his Supreme Court nominee to replace Justice Kennedy at 8 pm ET tonight. Judges Brett Kavanaugh, Amy
July 6, 2018

LOOP: EPA chief resigns

  FRIDAY, JULY 6 PRUITT OUT  EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt resigned after months of unfavorable news stories. So why did he quit now? John Fund suggests
July 5, 2018

LOOP: Affirmative Action guidelines dropped by Trump administration

  THURSDAY, JULY 5 AFFIRMATIVE ACTION ROLLBACK  The Trump administration announced that it was eliminating 24 Affirmative Action guidelines pushed by the Obama administration, deeming them
July 3, 2018

LOOP: Trump meets with 4 judicial candidates

  TUESDAY, JULY 3 INTERVIEWS BEGIN  President Trump interviewed four candidates for the Supreme Court on Monday: Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Barrett, Amul Thapar, and Raymond Kethledge.
July 2, 2018

LOOP: Trump won’t ask judicial candidates about reversing Roe

MONDAY, JULY 2 ROE V WADE  President Trump said he would likely not ask potential Supreme Court candidates if they would vote to overturn Roe v.
June 29, 2018

LOOP: Trump meets with senators over Supreme Court vacancy

FRIDAY, JUNE 29 SUPREME COURT WATCH  President Trump met with a group of swing-state senators to discuss the replacement for retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.
June 28, 2018

LOOP: Kennedy retirement sends DC into overdrive

THURSDAY, JUNE 28 KENNEDY RETIRES  Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement means that President Trump gets to name a second Supreme Court nominee in just his