Joshua Mercer

November 15, 2018

LOOP: Bishops vote down resolution on McCarrick

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15 VOTE ON McCARRICK DOCS   The U.S. bishops voted down a resolution to ask the Vatican to release documents on the investigation into Archbishop McCarrick.
November 14, 2018

LOOP: Debate between bishops gets intense

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 14 BISHOPS DEBATE   The debate got intense as bishops debated how to handle the sex abuse crisis. Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, TX, said: “It’s
November 13, 2018

LOOP: Vatican cancels US bishops’ vote on sex abuse reforms

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 13 VATICAN: DELAY VOTE   The U.S. bishops meeting in Baltimore was set to vote on a non-binding Code of Conduct for bishops and the creation
November 12, 2018

LOOP: 29 dead from California wildfire

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 12 CALIFORNIA FIRES  A blaze in northern California is responsible for 29 deaths and has burned 109,000 acres since it first began on Thursday. The
November 9, 2018

LOOP: FL governor says Democrats are trying to steal election

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9 2 COUNTIES STILL COUNTING   Gov. Rick Scott, R-FL filed a lawsuit against Broward County election officials for being in violation of the Florida Public
November 8, 2018

LOOP: Attorney General Sessions is out

  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8 SESSIONS RESIGNS   Attorney General Jeff Sessions submitted his resignation after it was requested by President Trump. Sessions’ chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker, will
November 7, 2018

LOOP: Democrats take House, GOP expands in the Senate

  WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 MIXED RESULTS  Democrats won back the House while Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate. Nancy Pelosi, expected to be elected Speaker of
November 6, 2018

LOOP: Trump predicts GOP will do better than expected

  TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6 – ELECTION DAY – MAKE SURE YOU VOTE! SENATE 2018  CatholicVote endorsed the following candidates for the United States Senate: Mike Braun
November 5, 2018

LOOP: Majority of Americans want troops to stop caravan

  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 5 TROOPS AT BORDER  A new poll shows that 6-in-10 Americans want troops to stop the migrant caravan, and that 51% of Hispanics