The Stephen Herreid Show

June 8, 2018

Meet Laura Klassen of Choice42’s ‘The Magical Birth Canal’!

Laura Klassen is the executive director of Choice42, a Canadian pro-life organization that wants to reach out to every Canadian woman in a crisis pregnancy and
June 5, 2018

CatholicVote Political Director: SCOTUS Cake Victory Not Final

The Supreme Court’s 7-2 decision on the Masterpiece Cake Shop case gets a mixed review from CatholicVote Political Director Josh Mercer in this interview from episode
June 2, 2018

Pro-Marriage Student KICKED OUT of ‘Catholic’ Providence College

After student Michael Smalaskas posted pro-marriage literature on a bulletin board at Providence College in Rhode Island, he was met with LGBT protests and threats of
June 1, 2018

Special Guest Ben Shapiro: If We Lose Culture, Politics Can’t Save Us

Ben Shapiro is this week’s special guest on the Stephen Herreid Show! In this interview, Ben talks about the parents who helped make him a prodigy,
June 1, 2018

“A Church Named Sue” -The Stephen Herreid Show

After the Irish Referendum on abortion, in which a majority-Catholic nation voted for the equivalent of America’s Roe v. Wade, maybe it’s time to admit there’s
May 25, 2018

Episode 35 (FULL): Ft. Gavin McInnes & Breitbart’s Thomas Williams

Amid Vatican money scandals, the Vatican has released a document … condemning money scandals. Stephen talks with Breitbart contributor Dr. Thomas Williams, who thinks the timing
May 25, 2018

CatholicVote Political Director: MAKE CATHOLIC ADOPTION LEGAL!

As controversy stirs around the right of faith-based adoption and foster care facilities to operate without bowing to the LGBTQ movement and violating their consciences, CatholicVote
May 23, 2018

Gavin McInnes: NYTimes Piece Burned Jordan Peterson for Heresy

Jordan Peterson is impious and skeptical, while many of his Leftist opponents are religious and even mystical. The Left considers thoughts in terms of whether or
May 22, 2018

Amid Vatican Money Scandals, Vatican Condemns Secular Money Scandals?

Who are they to judge? An interview with theologian and Breitbart contributor Dr. Thomas D. Williams, who thinks the timing is just a little off. From