Carly Hoilman

March 2, 2018

LGBT Activists: It’s Time to Turn In Your Victim Card

The LGBT lobby have successfully worked to ensure that the public perceives them as a marginalized group, perpetually on the verge of having basic civil rights
February 22, 2018

Women: Faced with a Fertility Apocalypse, We Must Save Civilization

America is facing a totally preventable and self-imposed fertility apocalypse. Since the Great Recession of 2008, the national fertility rate has fallen more than 16 percent,
February 9, 2018

Archbishop Chaput Shares How We Can Make Masculinity Great Again

The time has come for me to confess something: I am a Philadelphia Eagles fan. This 2017-2018 season was the proudest I’ve ever been of my
February 3, 2018

A Baby Named Hope vs. Fourteen Spineless ‘Catholic’ Senators

The Senate has rejected a bill that would have banned late-term abortions beyond 20 weeks’ (about five months’) gestation. The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which
January 15, 2018

Dear Planned Parenthood: Stop Killing All of My Son’s Friends!

Last year, Planned Parenthood employees killed 321,384 children at their “health clinics” nationwide. The whopping figure, buried deep within the organization’s 2016-2017 annual report released this
December 29, 2017

2017 Was the Year of the Woman. Let’s Make 2018 the Year of the Family.

On New Year’s Eve, Tarana Burke, foundress of the viral #MeToo campaign, will drop the iconic ball in Times Square. This comes after Time Magazine named
December 22, 2017

Duterte Catholicism: When ‘Love’ Becomes a Heresy

“Why impose a morality that is no longer working and almost passé?” That was the question posed by Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte last weekend when he