Ashley Sheridan Fox

July 2, 2015


Come, let your voices be heard! Two days ago, Matt Walsh wrote an article for The Blaze on how gay marriage hurts him personally. In it,
June 29, 2015

When Money Talks, Politics Listen: The Story Of Tim Gill and How He Changed American Culture over the Last 10 Years

In 2007, Time Magazine identified Tim Gill as “The Gay Mogul Changing U.S. Politics.”  Forbes estimated his net worth at $425 million due to the sale
June 23, 2015

The Catholic Dating Crisis: Featuring Aziz Ansari, Pope Saint John Paul II, and Pope Francis

What does dating have to do with Praise Be: Pope Francis’ (very-Saint-Francis-like) encyclical on Creation and its dignity? A lot, actually.  For starters, who read Aziz
May 20, 2015

My Papa’s Secret: A Response To Frank Bruni

ROME, ITALY – He had a spark in his grin. It was 6:00 AM and I saw a flash of him as I ran past.  Yes,