Amber Athey

May 8, 2018

‘Cultural Appropriation’ Crowd Silent about Mock-Catholic #MetGala

Rihanna dressed as the Pope. A rosary draped around the neck of Taylor Hill, a Victoria’s Secret model. Sarah Jessica Parker sporting a nativity scene on
April 14, 2018

Lingering Questions: Why Zuck’s Hearing Should Scare Catholics

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to answer questions about censorship this week in front of Congress, but his answers shouldn’t assuage Catholic users’
March 29, 2018

Will the ‘Catholic Spring’ Blow Up in Democrats’ Faces in 2018?

Democrats have found themselves in a Catholic conundrum as their party struggles to reconcile its shift to the Left with its need to win over Catholic
March 14, 2018

The Media Lied To Voters By Telling Them Conor Lamb Is Pro-Life

Like many DC politicos, I was up late last night awaiting the results of the Pennsylvania special election between Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone.
January 23, 2018

Feminists Hate Men but Tell Women to Act Like Them

Modern feminism often paints men as tools of the patriarchy who use their power and privilege to oppress women—so why do feminists tell women to be
December 27, 2017

A New Year’s Resolution For Jesuit Universities

As the New Year approaches, I would like to recommend a specific resolution for Jesuit universities: be more Catholic. I am a Georgetown University alumna, and
December 11, 2017

Supreme Court Already Ruled In Favor Of Christian Bakers – Here’s Why

What does a wedding cake have to do with free speech and the freedom of religion? It sounds like the precursor to a silly punchline, but
November 28, 2017

How Nancy Pelosi was Wrong, then Wronger about Due Process

When Rep. John Conyers was revealed as an alleged sexual predator, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s instinct was to wait silently for nearly a week. The