Australian Comedian Neel Kolhatkar Descends into the Hell of ‘Modern Educayshun’


In this satirical short film, Australian comedian/actor/entertainer Neel Kolhatkar (pronounced Coal-Hat-Car) delivers a devastating blow to the dictatorship of relativism and the tyranny of tolerance that exists in the giant playpen known as the modern university.

Online learning and faithful Catholic colleges never looked better.

And, BTW, here’s what Kolhatkar had to say on Facebook about the intent behind his film (and if a young atheist comic can see the insanity of all this, surely Catholics — who believe in the harmony of faith and reason — can as well):

Wow. Thank-you everyone for viewing Modern Educayshun over 1,000,000 times, it seems to have hit a chord all over the world and I couldn’t be happier.

I am proud that people of varying political affiliations have enjoyed the film but as its creator I need to make clear that it was never intended as a conservative statement. The crux of the film is the appraisal of science and reason – how extensive political correctness can hinder the pursuit of such values.

Personally, I agree with many conservative principles like small government and a free market but I am also an atheist and believe an excessive amount of religion can have the very same effect. I have no issue with everyone enjoying the film and extracting their own meaning just do not hold me up as a champion of conservatism.

That said, thank-you all once again!

Image: YouTube screenshot

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