Anti-Catholic bigotry surfaces in Virginia


Voters in VA head to the polls tomorrow to elect a new Governor.

The race features pro-life Republican Ed Gillespie against left-wing extremist Ralph Northam.

Big abortion groups are now smearing Ed Gillespie for his so-called “fringe fanaticism.”

His crime: being a Catholic. 

Ed Gillespie has never called for making birth control illegal. In fact, no major political candidate has done so for decades. But because Ed Gillespie is a Catholic, NARAL is running ads attacking him. This attack is nothing but naked anti-Catholic bigotry. And Catholics in Virginia deserve to know what is happening.

The abortion lobby hates Ed Gillespie because he’s pro-life. And if he became governor, he would sign pro-life legislation, which could reduce abortion and take money out of the pockets of the billion-dollar abortion industry.

You could hardly find a bigger contrast on abortion than in the race for governor in Virginia.

Ed Gillespie is pro-life and he’s not ashamed of it.

NARAL has bragged that Democrat Ralph Northam has been an “unwavering champion” for abortion. In fact, Ralph Northam even campaigned at abortion facilities throughout Virginia earlier this year.

I can’t imagine a more grotesque embrace of the Culture of Death… 

Catholics are the second largest religious group in Virginia and the fastest growing in the Commonwealth.

If you know anyone who lives in Virginia, please forward this to them.

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  1. Ronald Sevenster on

    Catholics are mostly only nominal Christians, who either don’t act upon their faith or really don’t have any real faith at all. And their clergy don’t teach them the faith and morality of the Church. That’s the real problem. If Catholics in Virginia believed what their Church teaches, and if their pastors would take a firm stance, Northam wouldn’t have any chance of winning.

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