Amber Athey & #2A: CNN Wants Americans to Hate Each Other


An interview with The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey, from Episode 23 of the CatholicVote Radio Hour!

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  1. Sounds like fake news to me. I was watching both CNN and Fox News. The pain was from the latter. Had to stop watching The Five only to see Juan Williams try to defend his common sense approach, I dropped a show that has become a lieutenant of the president, Hannity. They all continue their support for this liar.

  2. Um, you kind of provide grist for the mill here, Morgan.

    “……support for this liar.”

    Tsk, tsk.

    I hope you aren’t denying that every single thing on CNN’s webpage is some type of negative article in RE: the President. Clickbait and all that.

    If he (POTUS) somehow managed to walk on water, the headline on CNN would be that “Trump is a poor swimmer!”