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Jason Jones is the Founder of Movie to Movement and producer of films such as Bella and Crescendo.


  1. Excellent article! We cannot passively stand by, offering thoughts and prayers, when the vulnerable are suffering. There needs to be a call to action, as well as a means to execute it.

  2. sharon mccaffrey on

    Hello Mr Jones 🙂

    Very well said and needed, male voices , telling it like it is
    You talk like a Man of God in this HOWEVER 🙁
    BOTH physical suffering and unholy spiritual suffering also, MUST be considered simultaneously,
    as per this blatant sexual discrimination and islamic culturally indoctrinated inequalities towards voiceless, innocent and defenseless little girls, in a children’s primary school in the uk, mr jones?

    First Do No Harm- agreed or truth?

    perhaps you should look more closer to home – “soul brothers, attitudes and friendships perhaps?
    Has ecumenical protestantism and the errant RC new evangelisation’s, attitude of gratitude, peace and any price and unity no matter what it costs, caused this to seep into our psyche and spirit?

    you may be overlooking the main cause and substantive defect between the wealthy influencing laity and rc hierarchy?

    Muslim school will not allow girls to eat lunch until after boys have finished, Ofsted chief says