LOOP: Trump nominates Kavanaugh for Supreme Court




IT’S KAVANAUGH  President Trump nominates Brett Kavanaugh to replace Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. Judge Kavanaugh said that a judge “must interpret the law, not make the law.” He added: “If confirmed by the Senate, I will keep an open mind in every case, and I will always strive to preserve the Constitution of the United States and the American rule of law.” READ
SIX SENATORS  The vote counters will be watching these six senators to see how they will vote on the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. READ
ABOUT KAVANAUGH   Judge Kavanaugh is a lector at his Catholic parish, volunteers with Catholic charities, and coaches his daughter’s basketball team. In addition to providing these interesting biographical details, Ed Whalen examines Judge Kavanagh’s judicial record on guns, abortion, religious liberty, and free speech.  READ
POLLING ON ROE V WADE   The press has been publishing story after story about a new poll which suggests that a large percentage of Americans support the Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade which legalized abortion. But Michael New reports that public support for Roe significantly drops in well-designed polls which fully explain its implications.  READ
PHILLY VS CATHOLICISM  At least 250 children in Philadelphia are in need of foster care, but the City of Philadelphia is refusing to work with Catholic Charities, unless the organization endorses the City’s view on same-sex “families.” Lori Windham, a lawyer defending Catholic Charities, said: “Unless there is urgent court action to protect these plaintiffs’ rights, then Catholic Social Services will have to begin the process of shutting down.” READ
NETFLIX AIRS “SALUTE TO ABORTION”  Defenders of legal abortion often say: “No one is pro-abortion!” Well, Michelle Wolf is! On her weekly show on Netflix, the self-declared “comedian” hosted a segment called “Salute to Abortion.” She marched out on stage in a majorette’s costume, accompanied by a drum corps, and a huge banner reading, “The Break’s 10th Annual Salute to Abortion.” READ
MIDDLE EAST   Pope Francis denounced “murderous indifference” to the suffering of Christians in the Middle East. “For a Middle East without Christians would not be the Middle East.”  READ
DIOCESE REMOVES “NO GUN” SIGNS   On the recommendation from a security team, the Diocese of Fort Worth has begun removing signs that notify people that concealed and open carry firearms are banned on church property — although the policy itself has not changed. READ
SAINT OF THE DAY  A Capuchin Poor Clare, Saint Veronica Giuliani received the unique gift of the stigmata of Christ. Few people have been blessed with these marks; Saint Francis of Assisi was probably the most notable among them. Saint Veronica suffered misunderstandings because of the gift, but she endured through it all and was able to serve her community in several administrative roles. READ
DAILY READINGS  “The house of Israel trust in the Lord.” (Ps 115:9)  READ
FLASHBACK  Judge Brett Kavanaugh shakes hands with Pope John Paul II.

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