So Just How Crazy Was 2016?


Way back at the beginning of 2016, I made some predictions for the coming year.  You’re probably thinking that I got everything wrong, just like everybody else did.  Because 2016 was so crazy and all that.

Well, wrong.  I got a bunch right.  Watch:

  1. The Republican nominee for Vice-President will be Chris Christie.

INCORRECT.  Okay fine, I missed on this one, but just barely.  He was the first former candidate to support Trump, and he was definitely on the Veep shortlist

2. Muslim terrorists will kill several people in a city in Western Europe or the United States.

CORRECT.  Unfortunately, this happened more than once.  And it will happen again next year.

3. Ted Cruz will win the Iowa caucuses.

CORRECT.  Seems like a million years ago.

4. Millennials will get very outraged about something for a couple weeks and then get distracted.

CORRECT.  Remember Harambe?  Because most Millenials don’t.

5. The Democrat nominee for Vice-President will be Julian Castro.

INCORRECT.  I was honestly surprised at this.  I thought he was a lock.  We’ll see him again.

6. Hillary Clinton will win Connecticut.

CORRECT.  I know, crazy.

7. An LGBT horse will win the Kentucky Derby for the first time ever.

INCORRECT?  CORRECT?  Who are we to judge?

8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg will retire from the Supreme Court.

INCORRECT.  This surprised me even more.  She must have been pretty confidant in a Hillary win.  Can she hold out for four more years?

9. The Cubs will win the pennant.  Maybe the World Series.

CORRECT.  Go Cubs go.

10. The climate will change.  Summer can’t get here fast enough.

CORRECT.  Unfortunately, it changed back to winter again.

11. Someone will get offended and be on the news for it.

CORRECT.  Every.  Single.  Day.

12. North Dakota will run away to Canada and nobody will notice.

CORRECT.  I’ll just assume it happened.  Nobody cares enough to check.

13. The Summer Olympics will occasionally interrupt coverage of Caitlyn Jenner to show sports.


14. Pope Francis will visit the U.S.- Mexican border and everyone will freak right out.

CORRECT.  Oh that Francis.

15. North Korea will test a Giant Slingshot of Vengeance.

INCORRECT.  Well, probably incorrect.  Nobody really knows what happens there, so maybe this happened.

16. I like donuts.

CORRECT.  There were so many surprises in 2016.  This wasn’t one of them.

So there you go, twelve out of sixteen correct.  Not bad.  Now on to 2017.

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