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Matt Bowman

Matt Bowman is a pro-life, religious liberties and constitutional law attorney in the Washington, DC area. He graduated from Ave Maria School of Law in 2003 and clerked for several federal judges thereafter. The Bowmans are homeschoolers and rabid fans of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Matt is a member of the Knights of Columbus and his local parish.

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Gun Control Nuts Blame Homeschooling

The gun control lobby has again demonstrated its disregard for victims of violence. Last week its "Sandy Hook Advisory Commission" proposed that to stop mass shootings what we need is more strict r... More


Guns N’ Rosaries

On Tuesday night I was a caller on Catholic Answers Live: Open Forum Q&A with Jimmy Akin (hour 1). I asked about a U.S. Bishops' Conference document from 2000 that has a footnote expressing a poli... More


Catholic Schools Revolution?

Something funny happened at the end of last week's Catholic Schools Week. As Elizabeth Scalia describes it, Catholic bloggers began demanding Revolution! The crux of the debate began with another P... More


It Takes One to Know One

Michael Sean Winters has a post today where he doubles down on his claim that attorneys for the Little Sisters of the Poor are telling "a lie" when they say Obamacare forces the Sisters to sign a "per... More


True and False Witness on the Abortion-Pill Mandate

The Supreme Court gave a temporary injunction to the Little Sisters of the Poor to protect them from Obamacare's abortion-pill mandate.  The only one who seems unhappy about it is Michael Sean Winter... More


Fortress Ohio: Taking Your Children

Are your kids yours, or are they on loan from the government?  A bill being proposed in Ohio would give the state primary authority over your children. Ohio Senate Bill 248 would require a social ... More


Pa. Dioceses Defeat Obamacare Abortion-Pill Mandate

Very big news out of Pittsburgh. Today federal district court Judge Arthur J. Schwab granted an injunction against the Obamacare abortion-pill and birth control mandate for the Dioceses of Pittsburgh ... More


Mass in Middle Earth

I love my parish. Among other things, the liturgy is reverent and its music is truly beautiful. But I don't usually appreciate these local blessings until I travel. Last weekend I visited Colorado.... More


How NCReporter Learned to Love the Bomb

The U.S. Bishops are urging Catholics to contact Congress to oppose President Obama's desire to bomb Syria. Pope Francis is insisting that more bombing is not an answer. Even Jon Stewart (explic... More

CNA / Addie Mena

Why give up when we’re still ahead?

  I've read many of the responses to Jody Bottum's article and many of them are very good. But I wanted to add a few thoughts that I haven't seen addressed just yet. It seems that Jody is s... More



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