The Biden Report

A Comprehensive Look at Joe Biden — For Catholics

The winner of the Catholic vote has won every presidential election since 1976, with the exception of one. In 2016, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton among Catholics 52-45. In 2018, Catholics were very narrowly divided, with 50% backing Democrats and 49% supporting Republicans.

The following report is a comprehensive examination of Joe Biden’s 47-years in public life from a Catholic perspective. The report contains citations of interviews, speeches, videos, and media reports on 8 key policy areas of importance to Catholics.

Catholics deserve to know the truth. Click below to read the full report.

We stand with our Catholic Bishops in making clear that no person has a right to judge a person’s soul, or relationship with God. Instead we are fulfilling our obligation as Catholic laypersons in defending the time-honored truths of our Faith, publicly and repeatedly cast aside by Mr. Biden over the past 47 years. The teachings of the Catholic Church are open to all people of good will. Our aim is simply to carefully and attentively present the facts, so that every voter might cast a vote, with an informed conscience, based on the truth.

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