August 18, 2021

Court Upholds Texas Law Against Dismemberment Abortion

CV NEWS FEED // The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a 2017 Texas law which prohibits “dismemberment abortions” of live preborn
September 9, 2021

Video Game Developer Ousted from Company over Pro-Life Tweet

CV NEWS FEED // John Gibson, the head of game-developing company Tripwire Interactive, was ousted from his company after he tweeted in support of Texas’ new
September 19, 2021

Doctor Boasts of Criminally Aborting Child Despite Texas Pro-Life Law

CV NEWS FEED // A Texas abortionist admitted to aborting a child whose heartbeat could be detected after the passage of a law banning such abortions.
September 23, 2021

Florida Legislators Propose Pro-Life Law Similar to the Texas Abortion Ban

CV NEWS FEED // Republican lawmakers in Florida have filed a pro-life bill similar to a recently-enacted Texas law that bans abortions after six weeks of
September 30, 2021

Democrats, Abortionists Testify Furiously Before Congress Against Pro-Life States

CV NEWS FEED // Democratic political figures and abortion industry leaders testified Thursday at a congressional hearing on how to address the pro-life laws that elected
October 6, 2021

Judge Blocks Texas Abortion Ban After Biden DOJ Intervened

CV NEWS FEED // A federal judge has blocked the enforcement of Texas’ recently-passed pro-life law, agreeing to an “emergency” request from the Biden administration’s Justice
October 14, 2021

Court Again Lets Texas Abortion Ban Continue, Rejecting Biden Appeal

CV NEWS FEED // The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday rejected the Biden administration’s latest attempt to suspend a pro-life law in Texas which
October 21, 2021

Texas Asks Court to Keep Pro-Life Law In Place Despite Pressure from Biden Admin

CV NEWS FEED // Texas officials called on the Supreme Court Thursday to allow the Lone Star State’s recently-enacted prolife law to stay in effect despite
October 22, 2021

Supreme Court to Hear Two Cases Against Texas Heartbeat Law

CV NEWS FEED // The Supreme Court announced Friday that it would hear two challenges against Texas’ heartbeat law, which prohibits most abortions after about six