July 28, 2021

States Are Rejecting the CDC’s Latest Guidelines

CV NEWS FEED // Some governors and other state officials are rejecting the latest guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vowing not to
September 19, 2021

Outrage over Viral Video of Unwilling Toddler Forced to Wear Mask

CV NEWS FEED // A viral video showing a toddler crying and resisting as daycare workers repeatedly try to keep a mask over his face has
September 23, 2021

Canadian Archdiocese Cracks Down on Unvaxxed Catholics Harder than Government

CV NEWS FEED // A Canadian archdiocese has barred Catholics from church unless they show proof of vaccination, while also requiring those who attend to wear
December 7, 2021

Teachers Union Board Member Calls for Unvaxxed to be Shot

CV NEWS FEED // A board member of America’s largest teachers union posted a Facebook comment suggesting that it would be “quicker” and “safer” to shoot