mask mandates

September 23, 2021

Canadian Archdiocese Cracks Down on Unvaxxed Catholics Harder than Government

CV NEWS FEED // A Canadian archdiocese has barred Catholics from church unless they show proof of vaccination, while also requiring those who attend to wear
September 24, 2021

Canadian Archdiocese Begins to Back Down on COVID Restrictions

CV NEWS FEED // After a public outcry, the Archdiocese of Moncton in New Brunswick, Canada announced Friday that it would no longer require Catholics to
September 28, 2021

Biden: Can’t Go Back to Normal Until Up To 98% Get Injections

CV NEWS FEED // President Joe Biden told a reporter that America will go back to normal after as many as 98% of Americans submit to
January 26, 2022

Youngkin: ‘Parents Should Have a Say in Education’

CV NEWS FEED // Gov. Glenn Youngkin, R-VA, argued in a Tuesday column in the Washington Post that voters have given elected officials a new political