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August 23, 2021

Pro-Life Leader Decries Bill to Fund Abortions through Reconciliation

CV NEWS FEED // March for Life Action President Thomas McClusky wrote a letter to Congress Monday decrying the Biden administration’s plans to prop up the
August 25, 2021

Democrats Plan to Fund Abortions With New Medicaid-Like Program

CV NEWS FEED // Congressional Democrats are reportedly planning to use their $3.5 trillion “human capital” infrastructure package to create a new federal healthcare program that
October 1, 2021

CatholicVote Activists Held Manchin to His Hyde Promise

CV NEWS FEED // Sen. Joe Manchin, D-WV, told reporters this week that if the House sent over a large spending bill without the Hyde amendment
October 4, 2021

Biden Rescinds Trump Ban on Abortion Referrals by Taxpayer Funded Clinics

CV NEWS FEED // President Joe Biden reversed a Trump-era ban on abortion referrals by taxpayer-funded federal family planning clinics Monday, returning some $60 million in
October 18, 2021

Senate Democrats Drop Hyde Amendment for First Time in Decades

CV NEWS FEED // Senate Democrats left out the Hyde Amendment from the annual funding bill they presented Monday, rupturing a decades-long bipartisan custom of including
October 25, 2021

Democrats Trying to Use Domestic Violence Bill to Expand Abortion

CV NEWS FEED // The House will consider a bill this week which, while originally meant to address domestic violence, has been amended and shaped by
May 20, 2022

Here is a List of Bishops Speaking Out in Support of Archbishop Cordileone

NOTE: This is a developing story. Readers are encouraged to come back again for updates.Last update: 5:00pm, Thursday, 6/9/2022 CV NEWS FEED // After Archbishop Salvatore