February 23, 2017

Despite Bathroom Order, Public Schools are Still Going Down the Toilet

President Trump’s reversal of his predecessor’s ham-fisted attempt to enforce a nationwide policy of transgender accommodations in our schools does not mean the “Bathroom Wars” are
July 13, 2021

AZ Dems Attack GOP Candidate’s Defense of One-Income Families

CV NEWS FEED // Arizona Democrats attacked GOP senatorial candidate Blake Masters this week, calling his position that families should be able to raise a family
July 25, 2021

J.D. Vance: The ‘Childless’ Left Make Bad Policy

CV NEWS FEED // Ohio Republican senate candidate J.D. Vance argued in a speech Saturday that the “culture wars” are actually a “class war” waged by
July 27, 2021

In the Wake of Lockdowns, Homeschooling Surges

CV NEWS FEED // Even as many schools return to in-person learning, many parents are opting to continue teaching their children at home.  According to the
October 1, 2021

German Catholics to Bless ‘Same-Sex Partnerships’

CV NEWS FEED // A German synod of bishops and lay Catholic leaders voted Friday to approve clerics blessing “same-sex partnerships,” rejecting a Vatican decree forbidding