July 26, 2021

Politico: Even Democrat-Leaning Americans Oppose CRT

CV NEWS FEED // A Politico column reported this week that moderate and Democrat-leaning American suburbanites are “up in arms” about Critical Race Theory — contrary
September 22, 2021

Family Advocacy Group Stands Against ‘Drafting Our Daughters’

CV NEWS FEED // The American Principles Project (APP) is calling on Congress to reject the National Defense Authorization Act in order to stop a controversial
October 18, 2021

Liberal Journalist Causes Stir with Criticism of Media

CV NEWS FEED // Veteran journalist Bari Weiss criticized the media for shutting down alternative opinions during an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter. “You write ‘There
October 25, 2021

White House ‘National Gender Strategy’ Uses COVID as ‘Inflection Point’ to ‘Build Back Better’

CV NEWS FEED // The White House issued a “national gender strategy” Monday, claiming COVID-19 has “fueled” a number of crises which demand “we build back
November 17, 2021

Democrats Will Go to War Over Critical Race Theory

CV NEWS FEED // Nicole Gaudiano reported at Business Insider that a number of Democrats plan to “swing back aggressively at Republicans” on the issue of
January 12, 2022

Education Reformer Outlines Agenda for 2022

CV NEWS FEED // Education reformer Christopher Rufo recently outlined his agenda for 2022 in a series of tweets. “My goal this year is for 10+
March 3, 2023

Texas A&M Rejects DEI, Switches to Merit-Based Admission and Hiring System

CV NEWS FEED // The Texas A&M University system announced Thursday that it will remove all diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) statements from its admissions and