Benedict XVI

February 15, 2013

Vatican II & The Legacy Of Pope Benedict XVI

...on a deeper level, I believe Benedict XVI will be remembered as the pope who began to bring the authentic vision of Vatican II into the life of the Catholic Church.
February 27, 2013

WaPo gets the dirt on the potential power struggle with a “Pope Emeritus.” Hilarity ensues.

Oh my. Just call it WaPo’s Western Schism That Won’t Happen. VATICAN CITY — Two pontiffs, both wearing white, both called “pope” and living a few
December 31, 2022

6 Legacies of Benedict XVI

In his eight short years as pope, Benedict XVI anchored the post-Vatican II Catholic Church firmly in the faith of Jesus Christ and gave its faithful
December 31, 2022

What Benedict XVI Taught America

Four Lessons for the USA As head of the universal Church, Benedict XVI served Catholics from every continent and nation, language and culture. Americans make up