'OVERRUNNING OUR STATE'  Gov. Greg Abbott, R-TX, shut down six ports of entry from Mexico into his state. “The sheer negligence of the Biden Administration to do their job and secure the border is appalling. I have directed the Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to surge personnel and vehicles to shut down six points of entry along the southern border to stop these caravans from overrunning our state,” Abbott said.  READ

CUTTING OFF MEDICAL TREATMENTS  Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-FL, switched to getting antibody treatments for COVID-19 directly from a manufacturer after the Biden administration drastically reduced the supply to Florida. “To just kind of pull the rug out from anyone a week after the president himself said they were going to be increasing the distributions by 50%, it’s very, very problematic,” DeSantis said. “What I am doing though, is we’re going to try to cover the bases.”  READ
NATURAL IMMUNITY  Sen. Ron Johnson, R-WI, wants to know why the Biden administration is not considering individuals with natural immunity when enacting COVID-19 policies. “This administration’s decision to disregard the effectiveness of natural immunity and demand vaccination ignores current data and is an assault on all Americans’ civil liberties,” wrote Sen. Johnson in a letter to three top health officials Thursday. He cited multiple studies in Israel and one from California that “appear to show that natural immunity may provide similar or even better protection than vaccines in the fight against COVID-19.”  READ
BIDEN AT 44%  A new Reuters/Ipsos poll has President Biden's approval rating sliding further, now standing at 44%, while 50% disapprove. Reuters noted that public approval of Biden is now at the lowest level of his presidency, with Americans “appearing to be increasingly critical of his response to the coronavirus pandemic.”  READ
JUSTICE THOMAS AT NOTRE DAME  Justice Clarence Thomas warned an audience of students at the University of Notre Dame about the dangers of “destroying” American institutions like the Supreme Court just because they get in the way of what social movements want. In the rare address to over 800 students, The Hill reported, Thomas said that America has “gotten to the point where we're really good at finding something that separates us.” Thomas, however, warned against "destroying our institutions because they don't give us what we want, when we want it.”  READ
CATHOLIC EDUCATION?  Catholic parents have accused the Jesuit High School in Sacramento, CA, of teaching gender ideology and critical race theory. An English class handout encouraged students to question their racial, gender, and religious identity. Parents were additionally concerned when school administrators and faculty sent emails with their "preferred pronouns."  READ  
CLINTON LAWYER INDICTED  Michael Sussman, an attorney who represented Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign, was indicted for allegedly lying to federal law enforcement officials about who he was representing when he came to the FBI with information about Donald Trump and Russia. The indictment reads, in part: “SUSSMANN’s false statement misled the FBI General Counsel and other FBI personnel concerning the political nature of his work and deprived the FBI of information that might have permitted it more fully to assess and uncover the origins of the relevant data and technical analysis, including the identities and motivations of SUSSMANN’s clients.”  READ
VACCINE MANDATE LAWSUIT  A group of 17 Catholic and Baptist health care workers have sued for the right to receive religious exemptions from New York’s vaccine mandate. In their lawsuit, filed Monday in federal court, Forbes reports that the plaintiffs—nine doctors, five nurses, a nuclear medicine technologist, a physician liaison, and a rehabilitation therapist—want a judge to rule the state’s mandate “unconstitutional, unlawful, and unenforceable.” The doctors, nurses, and other workers complain that the mandate reduces them to a “caste of untouchables” unless they “consent to being injected, even ‘continuously,’ with vaccines that violate their religious beliefs.”  READ
CATHOLIC COLLEGE SUED  Four pro-life students are suing Jesuit-run Creighton University for refusing to give them religious exemptions to a campus mandate that all students be vaccinated against COVID-19 before attending in-person classes. The university, which allows medical but not religious exemptions for the vaccine, implemented a requirement that all students receive the first vaccine shot by 4:30 am on Sept. 7 or else be automatically disenrolled.  READ
CATHOLIC 101  How are bishops selected? By the pope, right? Well, that's true. But the process is more complicated than that. “The task would be fraught with difficulties if the pope had to navigate his way through selecting bishops on his own, especially considering that at least one bishop is nominated somewhere in the world every day,” writes Michael Heinlein.  READ

SAINT OF THE DAY  St. Robert Bellarmine's services to the Church were outstanding and many. He occupied the chair of controversial theology in Rome. He defended the Holy See against anti-clericals. He wrote books against the prevailing heresies of the day. His catechism, translated into many languages, spread the knowledge of Christian doctrine to all parts of the world. He was the Counsellor of Popes and spiritual director of St. Aloysius Gonzaga. He helped St. Francis de Sales obtain approval of the Visitation Order. As a religious he was a model of purity, humility and obedience; as a bishop and Cardinal, an example of great love for his flock.  READ

DAILY PSALM  “Blessed the poor in spirit; the Kingdom of heaven is theirs!” (Psalm 49:6)  READ 
DAILY READINGS  Today's Mass readings.  READ
HISTORY  Catholic historian Stephanie A. Mann writes: “I don't think it's a coincidence that today is the anniversary of the signing of the Constitution of the United States of America in 1787 (and thus, Constitution Day) and the feast day of Saint Robert Bellarmine, the great scholar and Cardinal, patron saint of Catechists.”  SHARE   
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