Seal of confession is an ‘intrinsic requirement,’ Vatican says


The Vatican reaffirmed the inviolability of the seal of the confession as governments in Australia and California consider legislation to undermine the sacramental seal.

“The defense of the sacramental seal and the sanctity of confession can never constitute some form of connivance with evil, on the contrary, they represent the only true antidote to evil that threatens man and the whole world,” states the note signed by the head of the penitentiary, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza July 1….

“The secrecy of confession is not an obligation imposed from the outside, but an intrinsic requirement of the sacrament and as such it cannot be dissolved even by the penitent himself,” Piacenza explained after the note’s publication.

“It concerns the protection of the same sacrament, instituted by Christ to be a safe haven of salvation for sinners. Should the trust in the seal fail, the faithful would be discouraged from accessing the sacrament of Reconciliation, and this, obviously, with serious harm to souls,” he said.