New school choice legislation announced


Catholic educators are signaling their support for a new proposed federal tax credit-based scholarship program that could help parents send their children to Catholic school. The proposed legislation provides protections for private and religious schools against political interference by federal or state governments.

“This bill is clearly something we could support,” said Sister Dale McDonald, P.B.V.M., director of public policy and educational research at the National Catholic Educational Association. Her organization’s membership includes more than 150,000 educators serving 1.9 million Catholic school students across the U.S.

“We believe it’s a justice issue,” she told CNA. Parents who are well off can move to a better school district, but parents who can’t have a particular claim on society’s need to care for them.

“Parents as the primary educators of their children should be helped to be able to choose the best option for their children, and in most cases that would involve money,” she said.