Michigan Legislature passes bill to ban dismemberment abortions


The Michigan Legislature passed a bill to ban dismemberment abortions. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, has promised to veto the bill. If Whitmer vetoes the bill, pro-life activists will launch a petition drive to get the legislation enacted without a governor’s signature.

Right to Life plans to launch a petition drive if Whitmer vetoes the bills, according to spokesman Chris Gast, who said the anti-abortion group will attempt to collect 400,000 signatures to send “initiated legislation” back to the Legislature.

The Michigan Constitution allows lawmakers to enact initiated legislation without the governor’s signature. Right to Life of Michigan has successfully used petition drives to initiate laws on multiple occasions, most recently on 2014 abortion insurance legislation opposed by then-Gov. Rick Snyder, a Republican.

“We applaud our pro-life legislators for leading on this legislation,” Gast said in an email. “Tearing the arms and legs off of human beings has no place in medicine, and we’re confident most Michiganders agree it’s time to end this late-term dismemberment abortion procedure.”