December 3, 2021

Dreading the Midterms, Democrats Vow to Tout Abortion to Fend Off ‘Red Wave’

CV NEWS FEED // Vulnerable Democrats are increasingly concerned about losing their already-slim majorities to a “red wave” in next November’s midterm elections, according to a
December 5, 2021

Afghanistan Christians in Hiding without Food and Heat as Winter Begins

CV NEWS FEED // Christians and others in hiding from the Taliban in Afghanistan are now facing starvation and freezing temperatures as winter begins, according to
December 6, 2021

Members of Congress Speak Out in Support of Mississippi’s Pro-Life Law

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments Dec. 1 in the case Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The question before the Court is whether all
December 6, 2021

Democrats Scrap Plan to Draft Women

CV NEWS FEED // A Democrat-backed provision to this year’s military funding bill that would have opened the door to women being drafted will reportedly be
December 7, 2021

Washington Town Shocked by Erasure of Christmas Customs

Editor’s note: This article contains disturbing imagery. CV NEWS FEED // The Chamber of Commerce at a small town in Washington State approved a number of
December 7, 2021

After Dobbs, NeverTrump Conservative ‘Grateful’ That Others Voted Trump

CV NEWS FEED // Erika Bachiochi, a pro-life legal scholar who refused to vote for Donald Trump in 2016, has penned an essay for the New
December 7, 2021

Teachers Union Board Member Calls for Unvaxxed to be Shot

CV NEWS FEED // A board member of America’s largest teachers union posted a Facebook comment suggesting that it would be “quicker” and “safer” to shoot
December 8, 2021

Wokeism vs. ‘Living Joy’ with Author Chris Stefanick

CV NEWS FEED // Chris Stefanick of Real Life Catholic recently joined EDIFY as a guest presenter on the topic of “Responding to a World Gone
December 9, 2021

Black Former Philly Mayor Blasts DA’s ‘White Wokeness’

CV NEWS FEED // Democratic former Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter has written a column blasting the city’s district attorney for downplaying a rise in violent crime