October 25, 2021

Democrats Trying to Use Domestic Violence Bill to Expand Abortion

CV NEWS FEED // The House will consider a bill this week which, while originally meant to address domestic violence, has been amended and shaped by
October 25, 2021

White House ‘National Gender Strategy’ Uses COVID as ‘Inflection Point’ to ‘Build Back Better’

CV NEWS FEED // The White House issued a “national gender strategy” Monday, claiming COVID-19 has “fueled” a number of crises which demand “we build back
October 26, 2021

Conservative Ad Showing School Library Content Banned from TV: Inappropriate for Children

CV NEWS FEED // A conservative group created a political ad about sexual content currently available to minors in Virginia public school libraries, but the ad
October 26, 2021

Twitter Suspends Influential Pro-Family Advocate a Week Before VA Election

CV NEWS FEED // Twitter suspended the social media account of pro-family advocate Terry Schilling just one week ahead of the gubernatorial election in Virginia. “We
October 27, 2021

AG Garland Refuses to Rescind Memo to FBI About Concerned Parents

CV NEWS FEED // U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland refused to rescind his controversial memo calling on the FBI and DOJ to investigate concerned parents who
October 27, 2021

New York City Council Member Calls for Open Discrimination Against Catholics

CV NEWS FEED // A New York City Council Member urged the city to consider cutting off funding for Catholic Charities of Brooklyn because it is
October 27, 2021

White House Spokeswoman Bristles at Abortion Question Ahead of Biden’s Visit with Pope

CV NEWS FEED // White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki seemed to express impatience with a reporter from a Catholic TV network, noting how “often” he brings
October 28, 2021

A Pro-Life Analysis of Biden’s Build Back Better Act

CV NEWS FEED // After President Biden pitched a reduced $1.75 trillion version of his funding bill to Congress Thursday, CatholicVote Director of Government Affairs Tom