September 14, 2021

Arizona Sues Biden Administration over Vax Mandate

CV NEWS FEED // The State of Arizona filed suit against the Biden administration Tuesday, arguing that the president’s vaccine mandate overreaches the constitutional powers of
September 15, 2021

Biden Job Approval Plunges Among Hispanics

CV NEWS FEED // President Joe Biden’s job approval among Americans has dropped, with an especially notable drop in support among Hispanics, according to the latest
September 15, 2021

EDIFY! 5 Questions with Scot Landry

CV NEWS FEED // This month, CatholicVote announced the launch of EDIFY, an exciting new video series that will help American Catholics come to grips with
September 15, 2021

Pope Francis on Pro-Abortion Politicians Receiving Communion: ‘Abortion is Murder’

CV NEWS FEED // Aboard the flight returning from his Slovakian trip Wednesday, Pope Francis responded to a question about pro-abortion politicians receiving communion by saying
September 16, 2021

Catholic and Baptist Medical Workers Sue for Religious Exemptions to NY Vaccine Mandate

CV NEWS FEED // A group of 17 Catholic and Baptist health care workers have sued for the right to receive religious exemptions from New York’s
September 16, 2021

Students Sue Catholic University for Denying Religious Exemptions to Vaccine Mandate

CV NEWS FEED // Four pro-life students are suing Jesuit-run Creighton University for refusing to give them religious exemptions to a campus mandate that all students
September 16, 2021

Californians Seek Amendment to Give Education Funding to Students, not Systems

CV NEWS FEED // Californians for School Choice are building a movement to put taxpayer education dollars directly into the hands of students and their families,
September 16, 2021

Justice Thomas Defends the Supreme Court

CV NEWS FEED // Justice Clarence Thomas warned an audience of students at the University of Notre Dame about the dangers of “destroying” American institutions like
September 17, 2021

Biden’s DOJ Considers Putting Biological Males in Women’s Prisons

CV NEWS FEED // The U.S. Department of Justice is considering a new policy to house inmates in federal prisons based on their self-identified genders rather