August 20, 2021

Pro-Life Coalition Presses Rep. Brenden Boyle over Hyde

CV NEWS FEED // The Northeast Philadelphia Pro-Life Coalition recently held a “Save Hyde” rally outside the office of Rep. Brendan Boyle, D-PA, urging the congressman
August 21, 2021

CatholicVote, Susan B. Anthony List Rally to ‘Save Hyde’

CV NEWS FEED // CatholicVote joined forces with leading pro-life organization the Susan B. Anthony List for a cross-country press tour this week, calling on key
August 22, 2021

GOP-Run States Lead U.S. in Covid-19 Job Recovery

CV NEWS FEED // If you feel safe enough from the virus and you want to work, move to a red state. If you want to
August 22, 2021

Biden Budget Breaks His Promise Not to Tax the Middle Class, Experts Say

CV NEWS FEED // Despite President Joe Biden’s frequent promise not to raise taxes “one penny” on Americans making less than $400,000 a year, experts are
August 23, 2021
Catholic school Unsplash

Catholic Schools See Enrollment Spike After Reopening In-Person, Banning Transgender Pronouns

CV NEWS FEED // After announcing 100% in-person learning and a ban on transgender pronouns, the Diocese of Arlington saw enrollment jump as students returned Monday
August 23, 2021
WTC 9/11 memorial Unsplash Ged Lawson

As U.S. Braces for Increased Terrorism From Taliban-Led Afghanistan, a Catholic New Yorker Seeks Accountability in Brother’s 9/11 Death

CV NEWS FEED // As national polling shows most Americans fearing increased terror threats from a Taliban-led Afghanistan, a Catholic New Yorker whose brother died in
August 23, 2021

Australia COVID Crackdown on Churchgoers Alarms Americans

CV NEWS FEED // Australian media reports blaming ordinary citizens for the spread of COVID while ignoring draconian lockdowns and violent arrests have alarmed American onlookers,
August 23, 2021

Pro-Life Leader Decries Bill to Fund Abortions through Reconciliation

CV NEWS FEED // March for Life Action President Thomas McClusky wrote a letter to Congress Monday decrying the Biden administration’s plans to prop up the
August 23, 2021

Column Warns of China-Taliban Axis Against U.S.

CV NEWS FEED // The communist regime of China and the Islamist Taliban have long acted in tandem, wrote filmmaker Jason Jones and Uygher leader Salih