July 7, 2021

Supporters of CRT Hide their Advocacy

CV NEWS FEED // Even as it has become clear that teaching Critical Race Theory to American children in public schools is a mainstream priority of
July 8, 2021

Biden Admin: ‘‘Absolutely the Government’s Business” Whether Americans are Vaccinated

CV NEWS FEED // Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra stated in an interview that it is “absolutely the government’s business” to know whether or
July 8, 2021

Pro-Abortion Groups Concede that Pro-Life Movement is Winning

CV NEWS FEED // A recent Politico column profiled a number of abortionists and pro-abortion activists who openly admitted that they believe the pro-life movement may
July 9, 2021

Arizona Becomes Ninth State to Ban CRT

CV NEWS FEED // Gov. Doug Ducey, R-AZ, signed legislation into law Friday which banned the teaching and promotion of Critical Race Theory in public schools
July 11, 2021

Gun Sales Surge, Including Among Anti-Gun Americans

CV NEWS FEED // Gun sales skyrocketed starting last year, and according to a Washington Post report, many first-time gun buyers are members of the “anti-gun”
July 12, 2021

Texas Democrats to Flee State to Block Election Integrity Bills

CV NEWS FEED // At least 58 Democratic members of the Texas House of Representatives plan to sabotage election integrity legislation by leaving the state during
July 13, 2021

AZ Dems Attack GOP Candidate’s Defense of One-Income Families

CV NEWS FEED // Arizona Democrats attacked GOP senatorial candidate Blake Masters this week, calling his position that families should be able to raise a family
July 14, 2021

Poll: Police the Only Institution with Increased Public Confidence in 2021

CV NEWS FEED // After a year of calls from the political Left to “defund the police,” a new Gallup poll revealed this week that the
July 14, 2021

New CDC Data Shows Record Overdose Deaths During Lockdowns

CV NEWS FEED // New data from the Centers for Disease Control has revealed record drug overdose deaths during the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020. An estimated