April 14, 2021

Democrats Introducing Bill to Pack the Supreme Court

CV NEWS FEED // Democrats in Congress plan to introduce a bill Thursday which would add four new justices to the Supreme Court of the United
April 15, 2021

Vatican Health Care Conference Will Host Anthony Fauci, Chelsea Clinton

CV NEWS FEED // The Vatican will host Anthony Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, and the leaders of pharmaceutical giants Moderna and Pfizer at a health care conference
April 15, 2021

Poll: Americans Are Against Corporate Politicking

CV NEWS FEED // A new NPR / PBS NewsHour / Marist Poll found that a sizable majority of Americans oppose corporate influence in politics. The
April 15, 2021

Facebook ‘Reads Your Mail’, Bans Private Messages Against BLM Co-Founder

CV NEWS FEED // Facebook users discovered Thursday that the social media platform had banned not only public posts, but private messages linking to a New
April 15, 2021

New Hampshire Dem Maggie Hassan Rejects Court-Packing

CV NEWS FEED // Hours after liberal Democrats announced a bill to add four new justices to the Supreme Court, Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-NH, came out
April 16, 2021

Biden Breaks Refugee Promise, Then Reverses After Backlash

CV NEWS FEED // President Biden reneged on a key campaign promise to do away with President Donald Trump’s 15,000 annual cap on refugee resettlements Friday.
April 16, 2021

Advocates Get PayPal, Others to Cut Off Abusive Pornographers

Editor’s Note: Because of CatholicVote’s principles, this report excludes direct references to the names of any pornographic websites. The article does, however, contain themes which can
April 16, 2021

Fr. Martin Promos Push to Change Church Teaching on Homosexuality

CV NEWS FEED // Rev. James Martin, SJ, shared another call from German clerics for the Church to allow blessings of same-sex relationships Friday. Martin posted:
April 18, 2021

Census: Twice as Many Kids Now Raised by Single Moms

CV NEWS FEED // A new report from the Census Bureau indicated the number of children being raised by single mothers doubled in the last 50