March 27, 2019

Interview: Could it Happen Here? Catholic Writer Contacted by UK Police for “Misgendering”

Caroline Farrow is an accomplished Catholic commentator with regular TV appearances in the U.K. Earlier this month, police contacted her. She had been reported for using
April 3, 2019

VA Coach Tony Bennett Cites God’s ‘Unconditional Love’ in NCAA Tournament

As millions of Americans track their brackets predicting the winners in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, one man isn’t getting lost in the March Madness: Virginia
April 5, 2019

Joe Biden: Too Handsy to be President?

That’s the question, pro or con, that everyone has been discussing since “An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden,” a recent article by a
April 15, 2019

Catholics pray as flames engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Ave Maria pic.twitter.com/lb6Y5XV05a — Ignacio Gil (@Inaki_Gil) April 15, 2019
April 17, 2019

U.S. Catholic Leaders Mourn Notre Dame, Hope for ‘Resurrection’

U.S. Catholic leaders are mourning the partial loss of the gothic wonder that is the Cathedral of Notre Dame. But, with Easter quickly approaching, they’re also
April 18, 2019

The First Good Friday Since the Church’s ‘Summer of Shame’

Good Friday is the day that Jesus died for our sins. It is also, for Catholics, something like what Reformation Day is for Protestants. That is,
April 24, 2019

In LGBT War Against Catholic Adoption, Kids Come Last

Catholic adoption and foster care services are shutting down around the country in the name of LGBT rights. But governments, courts and Catholic organizations aren’t the
April 28, 2019

Kansas Embraces Unplanned’s Most Grisly Procedures

The governor and Supreme Court of Kansas gave the abortion industry two huge gifts during Easter Week, locking down in law the two grisly abortion practices
April 29, 2019

What the Pro-Life Movement Must Remember

“To be in solidarity with the vulnerable is to become vulnerable yourself.”-Rene Girard Earlier this year, filmmakers told the story of former abortion clinic director Abby