September 4, 2015

When Chickens Trump Babies…Time to Re-Prioritize?

I’ve been around the trivialities of poseur politics for a long time. I usually avoid the snark response, but every so often somebody comes along and
October 12, 2015

Joe Biden Should Run For President and Defend the Pro-Life Cause

Joe Biden should run for the Democratic nomination for the presidency and defend the pro-life cause.  This strange and seemingly unlikely idea came to me after
March 29, 2016

We endorse Ted Cruz for President

Five candidates remain in the race for the White House. No candidate is perfect. Some are worse than others. Candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both
May 18, 2016

Pentecost: Remembering, and Beginning Again

Occasionally, I have heard Pentecost called the Church’s birthday. There is truth in this understanding; the day on which the Apostles received the Holy Spirit is
June 29, 2016

[CV Loop] Supreme Court slams door on pharmacists

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // Kevin and Greg Storman, owners of Ralph’s Thriftway in Olympia, Wash., lost their long legal battle over a state law that forces them to provide Plan
June 30, 2016

[CV LOOP]: Religious liberty bill finally moving forward

RELIGIOUS LIBERTY // After a year of inaction, a bill to strengthen religious liberty called the First Amendment Defense Act, will get a hearing on July 12. http://cvote.it/296gzoM >> TAKE ACTION
July 1, 2016

[CV Loop]: ACLU targets grants for pro-life groups that aid migrants

LGBT // The Obama administration officially opens the military to transgendered persons. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-OK, has called on Defense Secretary Ash Carter to postpone the implementation of the
July 5, 2016

CV Loop: Trump camp stumbles over tweet with six-pointed star

2016 // Donald Trump defended an image he tweeted Saturday (then deleted) which criticized Hillary Clinton and featured what many are calling a Star of David shape. http://cvote.it/29cUDWV
July 11, 2016

In Tough Times, Try This Poem

Without question, the last week (or year perhaps) has been difficult for Americans; division, violence, and hardened hearts have all arisen—all, of course, things that we